violinist, improvisator, composer, musicologist, music teacher, journalist.

The prize-winner of the International competition /name of Karamanov/ in Moscow 2007.

The prize-winner of the International Festival of Street Musicians in Pärnu 2007 (Estonia).


Valentine was born in 1953 in Kiev. She started music education when she was 3 years old. Her first piano-teacher was her grandmother. Three years later Valentine has initially taken a violin in her hands and since that moment she has never releaved it.

1960 – 69 she studied violin in the Kiev Special Musical School by L.F.Benderski.
During this period Valentine has won some prizes at the musical competitions for young musicans of Ykraine. She performed recitals with programs of high complexity. She has two concerts with the Kiev symphonic orchestra of a philarmonic society: 1966 (conductor V.Kozhuhar,) and 1969 (conductor A.Vlasenko).


Since 1969 Valentine studied in St.-Petersburg (Leningrad). 1969 – 71 she was a student of the Leningrad special musical school.
From 1971 to 1976 –  a student of  the Leningrad conservatory, (by professor M.I.Vajman). Since 1980 to 1983 she took a course of postgraduate in the Leningrad conservatory, by professor B.L.Gutnikov.

For several years Valentina has been a soloist of the philarmonic societies (in Ulan-Ude 1976-77, in Tver – 1978 - 83, in Tallinn – 1985-91).

Participated in the festivals: “Leningradskaja Vesna” (1974), “Moscovskaja osen” (1981,
1982), "Alternative" (Volgograd 1988), “Pärnu Jazz” (1989), “East-West Meeting”
(Brington, UK 1991), "Alternative" (Moscow1993), “Vera, Nadezhda, Ljubov” (Ukraine 2005, 2006).

Has been living in Estonia since 1984.

Since 1984 to 2002 she has worked as a teacher in Music College by the name of Georg Ots, in Tallinn.

Creative activity proceeds in different kinds of music: classic, music of modern composers, modern jazz and free improvisation, new age music, ethnic and popular
music in author's transcriptions for a violin. Concerts passed in Estonia, Ukraine, Russia,
Finland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom.

Beside the abovementioned Valentine is a journalist, music critic and broadcaster.
She is a member of the Estonian Union of journalists and the International Federation of journalists.

Presently, Valentine is the free lance.